About DeniBan

"DeniBan is an innovation that will change the way we think about taping and bracing. It provides clinicians with never before realized variability and option--two key elements in tuning the environment to best suite the needs of the athlete."

-Scott G. Piland Ph.D., ATC

What is DeniBan?

DeniBan is the next generation in athletic tape, providing limitless versatility! By stretching the flexible tape firmly, it functions like white athletic tape thanks to the limited stretch capabilities. However, when DeniBan is gently stretched at application, it will facilitate the support of overlaid musculature similarly to elastic tape. This also makes taping easier, even on areas that have been traditionally very challenging, such as the arch of the foot, fingers, elbows, and even shoulders including the AC joint. With its ability to maintain firm structure or to move with a large joint, DeniBan is ideal for all athletic taping applications!

DeniBan is Innovation

DeniBan represents a revolution in athletic adhesive tape by introducing the idea of functional joint restriction. For the first time, specific motions at a joint can be limited, while simultaneously allowing functional motion in non-involved directions. Contrast this with traditional taping, where the inelasticity of white sports tape has simply formed a restrictive cast. This approach limited all of the available ranges of the joint, decreasing overall function and athletic performance. With traditional sports taping, performance is traded for limited protection.

1 roll of DeniBan = Up to 5 rolls of traditional white tape

DeniBan challenges these traditional limits. For example, when taping an ankle with traditional sports tape to prevent sub-talar movement, the entire functional motions of the ankle are restricted. However, DeniBan allows the athlete protection against the undesired motions while maintaining functional plantar and dorsiflexion. Protection equals performance!

  • 1 roll of DeniBan will tape up to 5 ankles, making it very economical.
  • DeniBan is stronger than both white athletic tape and elastic tape.
  • Sweat repellent
  • Eliminates the need for spray adherent.
  • Eliminates roll-ups and hot-spots.
  • Self-application is easy with DeniBan.
  • Allows shoes to fit more naturally, increasing support and comfort for the athlete.

DeniBan is available in Original Strength, and DeniBan Light. Original DeniBan is built tough, and should be used on the larger joints of the body and those with a large range-of-motion. DeniBan Light has a thinner cloth for increased flexibility and less bulk when taping the upper extremities. It also works great for muscle support. DeniBan is versatile enough to meet all of your taping needs!