DeniBan Original

Original DeniBan is tough athletic tape! Use this sports tape in high-demand situations and on the larger joints in the body such as taping the shoulder and elbow, and for foot and lower body joint stabilization. DeniBan is versatile enough to meet all your taping needs!

DeniBan functions so well that it takes much less to do the same job as white athletic tape. It also eliminates spray adherent, skin lubricant, and in some cases, pre-wrap.

  • 1 roll of DeniBan = 4-5 rolls of white athletic tape 
  • Stretches up to 65% of resting length
  • Very comfortable for the athlete
  • Use varying degrees of tension for precise support
  • 60% Stronger than traditional sports tape
  • Sweat repellent
  • Eliminates roll-ups and hot spots

Original DeniBan athletic tape is available in 2" and 3" rolls. It is a good idea to have both sizes of DeniBan available to meet all of your taping needs.

Each roll of DeniBan is 15 feet long, and will tape up to 5 ankles. Order DeniBan in cases of 6 rolls and save 10% off of individual roll prices!

DeniBan Original
Order DeniBan Original
Pricing 2" Single Roll: $10.95
  2" Case of 6 Rolls: $59.13 (Save 10%)
  3" Single Roll: $12.95
  3" Case of 6 Rolls: $67.93 (Save 10%)
1 roll of DeniBan = Up to 5 rolls of traditional white tape