DeniBan Light

DeniBan Light further enhances the versatility of this remarkable athletic tape. The thinner cloth is excellent for taping upper extremities such as fingers, hands and elbows. Traditionally, elastic tape has often been used in these areas, but simply does not provide enough support. DeniBan Light provides all the support that sports tape should have.

DeniBan Light is very efficient, using much less to do the same job as traditional athletic tape. It also eliminates spray adherent, skin lubricant, and in some cases, pre-wrap. 

  • 1 Roll of DeniBan Light = 4-5 rolls of white athletic tape 
  • Stretches up to 90% of resting length
  • Very comfortable for the athlete
  • Use varying degrees of tension for precise support
  • Stronger than common white or elastic tape
  • Sweat repellent
  • Eliminates roll-ups and hot spots

DeniBan Light is available in rolls that are 2 inches wide x 15 feet long. Order in cases of 6 and save 10% off of the individual roll price! 

DeniBan Light
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Pricing Single Roll: $10.95
  Case of 6 Rolls: $59.13 (Save 10%)
1 roll of DeniBan = Up to 5 rolls of traditional white tape